Q.U.A.C.K. House
Quarantined Unplugged Acoustic Concerts of Kindness
Also known as Q.U.A.C.K. ;-)

What is Q.U.A.C.K.?

Quarantined Unplugged Acoustic Concerts of Kindness was a way for me (Brian Johnson - @braimee of @7MinSec) to spread some joy to you and your family during the pandemic - by performing a personalized mini vocal+guitar concert over the Internet.

Why did you do this?

Early in the quarantine days of 2020, I was reading about the folks in Italy who sing to each other on balconies while in quarantine. They inspired me to sing a few songs on Facebook live the following evening, and the experience was phenomenal. I felt like I was in the same room with the family and friends I've been missing so dearly!
That made me wonder: how could I share this experience with other people who would enjoy a live mini music concert over the Internet via Zoom meeting?
Boom. Q.U.A.C.K was born.

What's happening with Q.U.A.C.K. today?

Right now (fall/winter 2021) I'm working to move Q.U.A.C.K. to Twitch and do some periodic live streams. I'll update this page when that finally happens.

Can you actually sing?

Yeah, I sing in an acoustic duo called Sweet Surrender and sometimes write jingles for card games and juice shops. And other times I dedicate songs to malware or write theme songs for podcasts.
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